Play karaoke on home PC

Play karaoke on home PC

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Karaoke allows us to become the star of the stage irrespective of our singing abilities, age and musical taste. But do you know that singing karaoke from PC at home makes it much easier to practice your skills and improve your singing performance dramatically? You may ask yourself how to play karaoke on my computer? Well, Power Karaoke is here to assist you with any your related needs. We offer Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder – a full-featured software solution to play karaoke files and discs directly from your home PC.

While karaoke music is available in various formats, the most popular and wide-spread format to play karaoke from PC is CD+G. Our high-quality Power karaoke players are designed to work with CD+G karaoke songs as well as play MP3G, BIN, MIDI karaoke, KMA files and even multimedia files supported by Windows (AVI or MPEG). With our Siglos Karaoke Player/Recorder you can play karaoke on your computer without any special technical background, just whenever you wish.


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